Nick du Chatinier

Development - Data - Integration - Optimization - Business Intelligence



Fulltime since March 2020
  • Posted at clients
  • Led 'Power Bi in a Day' training workshops for external stakeholders, effectively sharing knowledge and generating potential leads, contributing to the company's business development efforts.


Posted Oct 2021 - present
  • Designed and implemented GUI components with Angular for seamless interaction with the API of a Self-service integration solution
  • Collaborated within a DevOps team to develop and implement custom components tailored to stakeholder requirements in a self-serviced dynamic integration solution using Java Spring and Apache camel
  • Developed an automated solution for application access requests, reducing manual intervention and enhancing efficiency by streamlining the user onboarding process.
  • Created a comprehensive Power Bi Dashboard to visualize migration and application data.
  • Automated data retrieval from a database using Powershell in an Azure Pipeline, storing data in Blob storage and setting up automatic refresh schedule for ingestion by Power Bi
  • Contributed to the successful migration process from Java Spring to Java Quarkus, enabling the development of native applications tailored for efficient deployment and scalability within the Openshift environment.
  • Developed an automated solution in Microsoft Power Automate to create Product Backlog Items in Azure DevOps on submission of a Microsoft Form, reducing manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency in the DevOps team.
  • Designed a voting guide based on the voting behaviour of political parties in the Dutch House of Representatives.
  • Designed and developed a Java Spring Boot solution to retrieve political documents from the Opendata Portaal and scrape data from the website of the Tweede Kamer (Dutch house of Representatives).
  • Developed and designed a Java Spring Boot solution leveraging ChatGPT implementation to streamline and simplify the contents of extensive political documents.

Define - Function

Creative Endeavors
  • Utilising provocative prototypes, led interactive design sessions to develop a website incorporated with a management system to facilitate dynamic content creation and theme customization for the local Brass band, employing Bootstrap, Javascript and PHP. (
  • Developed a website for a local association using JavaScript and PHP, streamlining the registration process for seasonal activities and enhancing user experience.
  • Successfully engineered a self-service File-Transfer solution leveraging Apache Camel within Java Spring Boot, integrating Bootstrap and Javascript to enhance the user interface. Using Docker for seamless containerisation, facilitating efficient deployment and scalability. Orchestrated data exchange through a reverse proxy on a separate Docker network, ensuring robust security and optimised performance. (Github)


Graduation Feb 2021 - Jul 2021
  • Conducted thorough research to identify areas for improvement in the Customer Special Request process, resulting in the development of a new, optimised design aimed at streamlining operations.
  • Performed in-depth analysis and evaluation of various low-code platforms to determine the optimal choice for developing a solution tailored to support the new process. Emphasis was placed on selecting a platform that enables easy customisation and modification by non-technical personnel within the company, ensuring long-term flexibility and scalability.


Internship Sep 2019 - Jan 2020
  • Performed comprehensive data analysis to identify the specific data necessary for addressing a Sales unit case, while also addressing the availability and accessibility of existing data sources.
  • Developed a Power BI Dashboard using an iterative approach, leveraging a functional prototype to progressively align with stakeholder requirements and steer towards the desired end-result. 

Edutel B.V.

Helpdesk Oct 2015 - Dec 2018
  • Delivered comprehensive technical support to OnsBrabantNet customers, resolving issues and inquiries related to TV, telephone and internet services over Fiber Optic products.

"It always seems imposible until it's done."

- Nelson Mandela

Versatile DevOps Engineer Excels in Analytics

As a dedicated and accomplished Java DevOps developer and Business Intelligence specialist, I bring a comprehensive skill set and a proven track record of contributing to impactful projects. My expertise in containerization with Docker, dynamic integration solutions using Java Spring Boot, and developing user-centric interfaces with Bootstrap and JavaScript enables me to deliver robust and scalable solutions. Graduating Cum Laude in Business Intelligence, I possess strong analytical capabilities that complement my technical proficiency.

Key strenghts

  • Technical Expertise: Proficient in Java Spring Boot,  Angular, Docker, Apache Camel, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and PHP, ensuring the development of efficient, secure, and scalable solutions.
  • Process Optimization: Automated key processes such as access requests and customer special requests, significantly improving operational efficiency and user experience.
  • Training and Development: Conducted comprehensive "Power BI in a Day" training sessions, enhancing client capabilities and driving business growth through knowledge sharing.
  • Collaboration and Contribution: Played a role in developing a self-service file-transfer solution, demonstrating strong teamwork and problem-solving abilities.
  • Data Quality and Presentation: Automate processes to ensure data quality and visualize valuable business information based on stakeholder requirements.

Value Proposition:
By leveraging my diverse technical skills and business intelligence background, I can contribute to your company's success by developing innovative solutions, optimizing processes, and enhancing team capabilities. My ability to translate complex requirements into practical applications ensures that I can deliver results that align with your strategic objectives.

Business Intelligence

Discover my business intelligence skills to gain insight into your business processes and systems to improve your operations.


Describes my skills in developing back-end solutions in programming languages like Java Spring boot and/or Quarkus and front-end in Angular, Javascript and html/css.

Data Engineering

Describes my skills in developing solutions to extract data from one or more sources, transform it to a usable format and load it to a storage solution.

Slimmer - Kiezen

As owner of Slimmer-Kiezen I'm proudly describing this project to illustrate my skills in setting up an extensive back- and front-end solution to support political voting.

Project Management

While being posted at various clients, I've always worked in Scum team structures and therefore learned a lot on the different roles. I gained PSPO and PSM 1.

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